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Save time and worry less by subscribing weekly.
Have your meals delivered to your door.
We have a new rewards program where you will receive a 15% OFF discount on every fourth order. 
To join our Meal Subscription, fill out the Order Form and tick 'yes' to the weekly subscription box.
You can cancel, pause or alter your meals any time before Tuesday Midnight and your points will continue once resumed*.  If you would like to cancel, pause or alter your meal subscription, please email us in the contact form below. 
15% OFF discount will automatically be applied on your 4th order.
Direct debit as payment. 

Credit Card payment only available (no card fees). 

* Subscriptions can only be paused for a maximum of 2 weeks. Any further time and your points will be restarted.


Please fill in the form to cancel, pause or alter your meal subscription
Whether it's going on a holiday or just taking a quick break, you can easily cancel, pause or alter your meal subscription.
We only accept cancellation/pauses anytime before Tuesday midnight for the ordering week.
Cancellation is free of charge.
  Please fill out the form below and your meal subscription will be adjusted. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

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