Our beginnings

Lifestyle Meal Prep takes the hassle out of healthy eating, one perfectly-balanced portion at a time. We’re a duo of innovative, fitness fanatics with a passion and flair for creating enjoyable meals. 

We get that your healthy living goals are important to you, but we also know that you’re busy. Our solution is to deliver delicious, nutritious meals directly to your door to save you valuable time. 

From our humble beginnings in 2017, working after-hours in a small restaurant, our reputation and success have grown. We now operate from a full commercial kitchen and deliver across Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

The team that takes care of your weekly meals"

Every macro-nutrient meal is hand-cooked by our chefs using natural ingredients. 

The high-protein, clean carbohydrate, low-fat recipes are  designed to fuel your body. 

Our meals come in three different sizes, perfect for maintaining,  gaining or losing weight, it’s up to you! 

 We use a weekly rotational menu, because variety is the spice of life, 

and meals can be tailored to your  dietary requirements, allergies and preferences.

 So after a long day at the office or a hard-hitting gym session,

 reach to Lifestyle Meal Prep for convenience food with a wholesome, satisfying, tasty twist.

Our vision

We know how important your health is and 

how much it effects your life.

  Our mission is to help you reach your goals week by week. Diet isn't about rushing into things, it takes time and consistency to see results. We offer a seasonal menu which is designed with high quality nutrition.