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Rotational Menu

Our system works on a four week rotation with new menus released every 12 weeks. 

We prepare five fresh menu items according to our weekly menu. You can choose to order a minimum of 8 meals weekly.

Get Started 

We take orders before Tuesday midnight.

To order, fill out our Order Form.

Our meals can be customisable according to your diet requirements, allergies and preferences. 

Prep, Cook and Clean

Sit back and relax!

Our chefs prepare your meals with fresh produce and ingredients.  

All meals are made to order and all ingredients have been picked and chosen carefully.

Delivered to your door

We deliver on weekends providing free delivery around Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Our meals are delivered in our refrigerated vehicle to maintain safe temperature throughout the trip.

Heat and Eat

Enjoy your meals!

Lifestyle Meal Prep makes eating healthy so much easier. Get on track! Take away the stress and have your meal prep sorted.